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Birthdate:Mar 2
Location:Alberta, Canada
Hi, Im Katy. I've accused of being a scene kid. I like poetry and talking walks in grave yards.
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amnesty international, angel vs. spike (angel), angelina jolie, bees, boy hits car, boys as hangover cure, boys who wear eyeliner, circus freaks, coke vs. pepsi (coke), corporate hippies, cute boys, dali, dancing until i collapse, dead voters, debbie harry, evil carnivals, fanfiction, ferris bueller, ff vii, fiction, final fantasy, free the children, game shows, gerard vs bert (gerard), global warming, good poetry, google, googling, grey goose, guitar, hangover cures, harry potter, intense eyes, joe strummer, johnny depp, kibbutzim, kingdom hearts, kittens, lights, listening to tunes, neil gaiman, objet d’art, one flew over the cuckoos nest, oscar wilde, photography, pie vs. cake (pie), pirate radio, plaid miniskirts, pta hags, pucci, radio, rainbows, reading, red, satellite radio, sharp objects, sharpies, slash fanfiction, sleeping, soho (london), song lyricists, song lyrics, stained glass windows, superheroes, tantric kissing, the olsen twins, the revolutions, thrashing, thrift store threads, tikkun olam, trust, united nations, vivienne westwood, wales, wedding cake, wine coolers, writing, yaoi
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